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What is Orgone energy?

Orgone energy is a term coined by Wilhelm Reich for Life force Energy also known as Chi or Schumann Resonance – earth frequency. Orgone Energy produces warmth, which Reich saw as being beneficial for healing mental and physical conditions. This resonance found in nature is vital for our health because it responds to our own frequency within our organs, hormones and emotional states.

It was Wilhelm Reich who first invented Orgone Accumulator tools. These Negative Ions generator use vibration or resonance that ‘mimics’ nature at its purest. Examples of this are around waterfalls, the ocean, lush vegetation and Lei Lines, which are the energy meridians of our planet shown by their production of Negative Ions and abundance of oxygen. These are all places where we naturally feel most at ease and where we can feel the natural healing effects of nature.

Electromagnetic Fields caused by electrical equipment, WiFi, smart meters, power lines etc. give off noxious energies and produces hazardous positive Ions, which depletes oxygen levels and puts stress upon our body systems.