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Geoclense, Pendant and Aircraft Harmoniser

Following a lengthy friendly conversation regarding various products and personal experiences i purchased a number of items such as the pendants the plug in a large plate and the travelling device. I think that was all. Id like to say i do feel alot calmer in my emotions more stable and confident that im at least attempting to fight against these emfs. The plate i have placed my water on top of and i found it had a very slight altered taste which i guess for it to be energised. I where my pendant everyday including my daughter and ive felt alot less anxiety as a result and id like to say i believe these products to work. I carry the travelling cube around in my handbag just to use it really i brought it for a flight im going to florida in February and im hoping it will relieve us from feeling as exhausted as we usually would. I leave the plug in switched on all the time and clara was very helpful in explaining how these things work with a scientific background it was a great insight and felt she was very happy to discuss these and answer all the questions i had. I appreciated her time and again felt confident in my decision into buying from her and i will do again id like a fww more plates to energise my food on! Really lovely girl and would highly recommend for me these have worked wonders!!! Thank you, fay xx


Fay, Online buyer

Geoclense Home Harmoniser

Well, the first night was amazing. I thought it my be a coincidence so decided to give it a few days.
It wasn’t a coincidence lol. It seems to of eradicated most of the buzzing in my ears, thing ringing is there but at a much lower volume, much less headaches and the mattress just seems so much more comfortable, a teeny tiny bit of vibration but nothing like it was. Going to bed is no longer an anxious time!
Even my dogs seem much more relaxed.
So I can honestly say it has helped enormously. I’m so pleased I stumbled across it online.

Nicola , Ebay buyer

I bought the Geoclense home harmoniser and mobile phone protectors. I found the energy in my house much calmer and found that the buzzing in my ears stopped after putting the mobile phone protector on my phone. 

Jotipal Kaur , BodyTalk Practitioner and Kundalini Yoga teacher for adults and children

Aircraft Cabin Harmoniser

When I collected my VW T25 motor caravan, petrol engined, I drove it back to the house and I was aware of a slight nausea from the journey. Possibly this was due to being used to diesel vehicles, I’m not sure. I got in touch with Clara and soon received the Aircraft Cabin Harmoniser (also suitable for other vehicles, as I understand it) and, since I placed it in the van, driving it has been completely pleasant, with no hint of the nausea feeling and an overall feeling of clarity and relaxation. To me, the difference was readily apparent, and I’d recommend it to anyone who suffers from any travel sickness issues.

Tony Mills

Geoclense Home Harmoniser

My partner is very sensitive to the wi-fi router. I have also been able to tell the difference when it is switched on. For this reason, the house is wired for ethernet as well, and we generally don’t use the wi-fi except when guests require it. It is clear that the Geoclense makes it possible to have the wifi on without discomfort. We also both noticed that the tap water in the house immediately tasted better and fresher with the Geoclense in use. As we have water structuring units in any case, this was an impressive change. My feeling from having lived with the Geoclense for several months is that it has made the house into a place where the electrical items simply don’t feel like a problem, and we can have a far more casual relationship with their presence in the space. I have recommended the units to several friends and family members, and all have noticed obvious benefits, even including a more relaxed mind or noticeably better breathing. It’s a very effective device and very powerful, considering it uses one socket and no power!

Tony Mills

Geocleanse Home Harmoniser – I have been using my Geocleanse for almost a year now and the results have been notable in both subtle and very obvious ways. The first week or two of using the device the difference was amazing, I no longer had the buzzing noise in my ears that I assumed was a product of living in the wifi world of the city; I woke up feeling more refreshed, had greater mental clarity and more energy.

The impact faded somewhat after those early weeks, although I am not concerned that the device is no longer working, this is simply my body adapting to the change. The reason I can confidently say this is I know through my work our bodies are constantly adapting to all manner of things. I have also used Kinesiology to muscle test the impact on my body both physically and energetically of having the device switched on or off.

 What I have found is when the device is off, if I place a smart phone near my body and test a muscle at the same time, it is weak; in fact all the muscles in my body are weak. When I switch the device on and repeat the test all of the muscles stay strong. I know from the experience of regularly seeing patients in clinic, as a population we are massively affected by electromagnetic stress and also geopathic stress, which sometimes cause significant upset to the person’s body and life.


If you have concerns about the effects of either on your health and wellbeing I would be happy to demonstrate to profound impact of owning a harmonising device. You can get in touch through my website.  

Geoclense Home Harmoniser

Really happy with it. It seems to have helped with my asthma at night as I’m waking up coughing less since we plugged it in. We both noticed that our filtered water tastes better at the end cycle of the filter.