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Stella Cabin Disk™

Harmonises the noxious energy on planes when traveling.

Finally – a harmoniser that balances the overwhelming positively charged noxious energies experienced in an aircraft cabin, creating a healthy negative charge.

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Harmonises the noxious energy on planes when traveling.


Finally – a harmoniser that balances the overwhelming positive charge noxious energies experienced in an aircraft cabin, creating a healthy negative charge.


The new Stellar Cabin Disk for use in aircraft while travelling is now more powerful with extended radiant energy built-in, creating an even better aircraft cabin environment and producing more calm for you in those chaotic and frantic airport terminal buildings.


An aircraft cabin space has the same amount of depleting positive charged energy as an electrical substation! This is one reason why passengers may feel various uncomfortable symptoms while in the air and after flying.


The Stellar Cabin Disk Harmoniser may help to neutralise the overwhelming noxious positively charged atmosphere, creating a healthy negatively charged environment, which may allow passengers to breathe easier and feel fresher for longer, without the air travel sickness and jet lag symptoms that many experience when traveling on a plane.

Due to the very close proximity to other passengers, the Stellar Cabin Disk may also aid in neutralising the positive charge of human-generated bioplasmic radiation created by emotional or physical illness distress that nearby passengers may be experiencing.


The Stellar Cabin Disk is airport security friendly, and at only 6.5cm diameter can be placed inside your standard size carry-on luggage. The disk is “see through”, thus not allowing an impression that it may be hiding something, so it flags up no issues when going through security checks.


One Stellar Cabin Disk Harmoniser will potentially harmonise an entire aircraft cabin.


It utilises Orgone Effects Australia’s unique Orgonium® Resonance technology.

The Stellar Cabin Disk Harmonizer is also suitable for use in light aircraft, buses, trains and public spaces such as shopping centers, hospitals and government buildings.


Field testing of the Stellar Cabin Disk Harmoniser using Bio-feedback found that stress on the nervous system & meridian pathways was greatly improved, and the healthy negatively charged resonance enabled passengers to experience a more relaxed and nausea-free flight.


The history of the Aircraft Cabin Disk by Gerard Bini, Founder of Orgone Effects.


“I developed the idea of the programming of the Aircraft Cabin Disk back in 2009 for myself while flying regularly around the country to exhibit at expos. The intensity of the noxious energy l was experiencing while flying was quite disturbing to me, even though l love flying. I was born into an aviation family where my parents owned and operated a successful flying school at Moorabbin Airport for 25 years, and I, myself, hold a private pilot’s license.

I can still remember the first prototype Aircraft Cabin Disk trial flight from Brisbane to Melbourne. The prototype was able to be switched “on” and “off” for the trial. What l immediately noticed was that the sickly feeling l used to experience was gone completely! During the flight, to ensure that this was not just some placebo effect, l decided to turn the Aircraft Cabin Disk off. The result was immediate! The energy in the cabin plummeted, l felt immediately disturbed, and a handful of people got up instantly as if they had received some type of shock.

After that trip we did some trials in a light aircraft, a Piper Cherokee 160. What l realised in those trials is that the EMF stress the pilot experiences is extreme, much more than in a passenger plane, and that there was a feeling of nervous tension which was always part of light aircraft flying. The Aircraft Cabin Disk in the light aircraft seemed to relax my whole nervous system and enable me to think much more clearly while performing air navigation and operational duties.”


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2 reviews for Stella Cabin Disk™

  1. Fay (store manager)

    Following a lengthy friendly conversation regarding various products and personal experiences I purchased a number of items such as the pendants, the plug-in, a large plate and the travelling device. I’d like to say I do feel a lot calmer in my emotions, more stable and confident that I’m at least attempting to fight against these EMFs. I have placed my water on top of the plate and found it had a very slight altered taste which I guess to be energised. I wear my pendant every day, I’ve felt a lot less anxiety as a result and I’d like to say I believe these products to work. I carry the travelling cube around in my handbag just to use it really. I bought it for a flight – I’m going to Florida in February and I’m hoping it will relieve us from feeling as exhausted as we usually would. I leave the plug in switched on all the time and Clara was very helpful in explaining how these things work with a scientific background. It was a great insight and I felt she was very happy to discuss these and answer all the questions I had. I appreciated her time and again felt confident in my decision to buy from her and I will do again. I’d like a few more plates to energise my food on! Really lovely girl and would highly recommend for me these have worked wonders!!! Thank you – Fay xx

  2. Tony (store manager)

    When I collected my VW T25 petrol engine motor caravan, I drove it back to the house and I was aware of a slight nausea from the journey. Possibly this was due to being used to diesel vehicles, I’m not sure. I got in touch with Clara and soon received the Aircraft Cabin Harmoniser (also suitable for other vehicles, as I understand it) and, since I placed it in the van, driving it has been completely pleasant, with no hint of the nausea feeling and an overall feeling of clarity and relaxation. To me, the difference was readily apparent, and I’d recommend it to anyone who suffers from any travel sickness issues. Tony Mi

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