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Tests show that all of our products protect the human energy field from 5G

“Our testing proved that a Geoclense in a building neutralised the 5G charge 100%, and wearing a Personal Pendant or Ener-Band, or having a Dome in your pocket or handbag when you’re out and about, will protect the body and prevent meridian and organ stress from 5G radiation.”

– Gerard Bini, Managing Director and Founder of Orgone Effects Australia Pty. Ltd.

How were these tests carried out?

All of these products from Orgone Effects Australia (OEA) were repeatedly tested on a range of people to ensure they are of the highly effective for everyone. OEA used Kinesiology and Bioresonance devices such as a Biotensor or Lecher Antenna tools to check the flow of energy within the human body. The protocol was as follows:

First, a meridian audit was undertaken. This checks the flow of energy along the energy meridians in the body, testing the polarity of the meridians (the subtle energy channels) to establish how the energy is flowing. Think of the body as a battery with a positive and negative pole: your meridians need to have the correct polarity for energy to flow properly, otherwise energy can become stuck or its flow can reverse. Both of these have been linked to health problems.

The meridian audit was done either inside a building or outside where a 5G charge was present. An initial test was carried out without any harmonising tools present. These tests showed a high percentage of meridians did not have the correct polarity, meaning that the healthy flow of energy within the body was inhibited. This indicates that the meridian system is being burdened by the 5G radiation.

Then, the harmonisation tools were introduced and tested one at a time: the Geoclense, Personal Protection Pendants, Enerbands and the Stella Domes. For each one, the meridian audit was conducted again.

This second meridian audit showed repeatedly that a far greater percentage of meridian points now did have the correct polarity, indicating a healthy flow of energy throughout the meridians. This showed that the 5G radiation field has been neutralised, and the meridian system was no longer under any 5G radiation stress.

To read more on 5G and the effects, please visit our article below:


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