The Stellar Dome™ is an upgrade to the standard Space Clearing Dome with enhanced energetic properties which increase the field of effect to the boundaries of the property with an enhanced radiance effect.

Tested for 100% effectiveness against 5G!

The Stellar Dome™ has radiance which is superior to Scalar!


The Stellar Dome™ is unique; having the ability to harmonise over 30 sources of noxious EMR fields and having a harmonising effect to the boundaries of a property. 


 The Stellar Dome™ is a healthy negative charge resonance field generator designed to balance the unhealthy positive charge resonance created by 5G and all forms of EMR, RF, Wi-Fi, Earth Radiation and human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation. Alleviating the stresses that this puts on the nervous system, vital organs which can lead to unhealthy cell growth and a compromised immune system.  It restores the oxygen levels and gives the sense of a fresh healthy space.


Orgone Effects conducts testing in the suburb of Dickson, Canberra where 5G is operating, on the effects of 5G on the human body, and tests the effectiveness of the Stellar Dome™ to protect against 5G. …..And it’s a resounding “YES”, the Stellar Dome™ provides 100% EMF protection against 5G.


A home with a Geoclense© and a Ley line present (a radiant healthy earth radiation Grid Line), are energetically better than a house with just a Geoclense©.  Ley lines create a healthy radiance, and up until now, there has been no other product in the world which can recreate that quality of energy until the Stellar Dome™ was developed!  The Stellar Dome™ creates that beautiful radiance the same as a Ley line. 

5G radiation, high solar wind speeds and certain days of Mercury retrograde all interfere with the Ley Line radiance, however, the Stellar Dome™ is not affected by these noxious energies.  So, a home with a Stellar Dome ™and a Geoclense© is ideal. 

A Stellar Dome™ in conjunction with the Geoclense© = A BONUS!

 A Stellar Dome™ is also effective in being able to neutralise charged fields from the following list

  • All harmful Positive Ions
  • Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and the Electromagnetic field (EMF) from power
  • or electricity lines
  • Increases the Oxygen in the air in your home, office, school and workplace
  • Mould, fungus, mildew and rising damp
  • Radiation from laptops, notebooks, desktop computers and electronic devices
  • Underground Water Veins, Sewer lines, underground Black Water, Grey Water and plumbing pipes
  • Harmful dirty electricity; from the Electricity Grid and Solar Electricity Systems
  • Emotional Distress Imprints from previous occupants of buildings and vehicles
  • Neutralises EMF conductivity from metal frames, beds and mattresses
  • Highly noxious Smart Meters and Baby Monitors
  • Radiation from all Mobile Phones, Cordless Phones, iPhones, BlackBerries and iPads
  • Highly harmful radiation from your Digital Television or from your neighbour
  • Neutralises harmful frequencies from Mobile Phone and Cell Phone Towers
  • Death Imprints, Ectoplasm Imprints, Spirit Lines and Entity Attachments
  • Fault Lines, Benker Grid Lines, Hartmann Lines, 400 Meter Grid Crossings and
  • Geopathic Stress
  • Microwave beams and Personal Beam imprints
  • Imprinting Counter-Conscious & Negative Thought Form Fields
  • HAARP, Contrails and Chemtrails
  • Illness/Sickness Imprinting on any property
  • Wireless (WiFi) Internet modem emissions and Bluetooth
  • Lilly Wave Frequencies used through TV for Mind Control and Tetra technology
  • Artificial heat and cooling from unnatural heating and reverse cycle air-conditioning
  • Fluorescent Lighting
  • Overhead Power Lines, Electricity Transformers and Substations


Frequently asked questions

 What size area will the Stellar Dome™ cover?

Like the Geoclense© the Stellar Dome™ has an EMF harmonising effect to the boundaries of a property.

Where should I place the Stellar Dome™?

 Remove the plastic covering and place the Stellar Dome™ preferably on the floor in any location.

 Can I use the Stellar Dome™ outside of the house?

When you’re out and about there is nothing better for EMF protection, because the Stellar Dome™ in your pocket or handbag will have an EMF harmonising effect when you enter a building as the whole of its space is instantly harmonised. OEA have tested this in shopping centres over the last 6 months and proved this protection time and time again.