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What Is Orgone Energy2017-12-08T13:19:19+00:00

Orgone energy is a term coined by Wilhelm Reich for Life force Energy, also known as Chi energy or Schumann Resonance – earth frequency. Orgone Energy produces warmth, which Wilhelm Reich saw as being beneficial for healing mental and physical conditions.

It was Wilhelm Reich who first invented Orgone Accumulator tools. Orgone is also another name for Negative Ions generator, which is the vibration or resonance found where nature is at its purest for example around waterfalls, the ocean, lush vegetation and Lei Lines, which are the energy meridians of our planet shown by their production of Negative Ions and abundance of oxygen.These are all places where we naturally feel most at ease and where we can feel the natural healing effects of nature.

Orgone Energy ‘mimics’ this resonance found in nature which is vital for our survival because it is related to our own frequency within our organs, hormones and emotional states.

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) caused by electrical equipment, wifi, smart meters, power lines etc. give off harmful energies and produces hazardous positive Ions, which depletes oxygen levels and puts stress upon our body systems.


How Do The OEA Products Work?2017-12-07T21:10:44+00:00

These highly protective Orgone products are solid state healthy Negative Ion generators, that cancel out the effects of unhealthy Positive Ions. For an in depth explanation of Positive and Negative Ions.

Anything that is missing an electron holds a unhealthy Positive Ion charge such as Radio Frequencies (RF), microwaves, WiFi, Mobile Phones, Earth Magnetic Radiation, Ectoplasm Imprinting. These OEA Harmonising tools resonate with healthy Negative Ions that neutralize the Positive Ions by attaching to the unstable atomic composition, rendering it inactive or not harmful.

Questions Related To The Geoclense2017-12-07T21:11:32+00:00

How many Geoclense do I need for one property?

Only one is required per property.

How big an area does it cover?

The Geoclense has an effective range which will harmonize to the boundaries of the smallest or largest properties.  This means that not only is your home protected but your property grounds are as well.  The Geoclense will cover an area to the boundary of an average suburban house, and may even have an effect on the neighbors either side.  If you are in a unit or apartment, it will cover your dwelling and may have an effect across the whole building.

Where is the best place to plug it in?

Any power point, anywhere in the house.  The Geoclense does not need to be centrally located or plugged into any special location.  It can go into a power board, and can be used with a travel adapter in any country in the world when you are traveling.  The Geoclense is available with the correct electrical plug for every country around the world.

Does the Geoclense use any power?

No.  The Geoclense does not consume any power, however, keep the switch turned ‘on’ at all times.

Why does the Geoclense need to be plugged into an electrical socket if it doesn’t use any electricity to work?

The Geoclense dominates the wiring with a negative charge which harmonizes the electrical system, thus neutralizing the EMR fields around appliances such as Smart Meters, Wi/Fi, Digital TV, fridges, lighting etc.

Because the Geoclense has an earth pin, the harmonized earth wire then neutralizes all types of earth radiation.

Will the Geoclense device give out some light when it is switched on?

No, there is no light that comes on when the Geoclense is plugged into the power point and is switched on.

Does the Geoclense help with power lines?

Yes, the Geoclense definitely has an effect on power lines in either direction, up and down the street and in front of the property, for a distance of around 50 meters either way.

How do I know the Geoclense is working?

Most people, within seconds of initial installation of their Geoclense, feel a change in the environment of their home and workplace and also how they feel within themselves. This is especially the case with people who may have an awareness of being, or have been diagnosed, as Electro-hypersensitive and chemically sensitive.  The more sensitive you are to feeling energies, the quicker you will notice the difference.  People often express how the the space feels” lighter” and “clearer”.

Does the Geoclense harmonize the 5G Network Signal?

5G is an extension of 4G where the amount of mobile phone panels is going to increase dramatically.  Should you have a mobile phone panel on an electrical pole directly outside your house, the Geoclense will feed a frequency back out to the electrical power lines attached to the poles which, in effect, may neutralize the EMF field from the 5G panel.

Can the negative energies of a house affect its sale?

Yes, it can affect the decision making of the potential buyer.  Should someone who is electro-hypersensitive view a house for sale with a lot of Bioplasmic Radiation and also EMF from electrical and Wi-Fi, they may quite quickly decide not to purchase the property.  We actually have many clients who work in Real Estate around the world who use the Geoclense to clear the energies in their slow moving real estate stock and has resulted in a quick sale of the property.

How long does the Geoclense last and how often do I need to replace it?

The Geoclense will last forever. The Geoclense effectiveness against known harmful EMR fields at the time of manufacture should never lose its charge for all electrical, Wi-Fi, Digital TVs, Earth Radiation and Bioplasmic Radiation (Human Generated).

However, because planetary energies are always changing, every 3-4 years it may be advisable to upgrade to a current model Geoclense to benefit from all the research we do in observing these changes and making the suitable corrections available through the Geoclense.

Do I need a Geoclense for both Home and Work?

Yes!!!! What people don’t realize is that ALL workplaces are the most harmful energetic environments. This is because there’s generally a higher amount of EMR fields from machines, computers, appliances and fluorescent lighting. The other big energetic influence is Bioplasmic Radiation caused by negative psychic impressions which are electromagnetic imprints created by competitors, non-supporters, disgruntled customers, disgruntled staff and animosity among staff and management. This negative psychic impression energy is generally not what you would normally experience in the home environment.

Do I need to take a Geoclense when traveling?

Yes!!! A typical Hotel/Motel room would have had many hundreds of people sleeping in the same bed that you are, potentially leaving emotional and illness imprints in the beds and within the rooms which will interfere with your sleep. These localized fields over the Motel beds are neutralized by the Geoclense.

Some Motels which may be high rise have mobile phone communication equipment on the rooftops very close to the rooms, which create big EMF problems within the building.  An extremely good example of this is where we, ourselves, stay in a Motel while exhibiting at Expos in South Australia. This Motel is of around 12 levels and has mobile phone panels attached to the walls on the 8th and 9th floor.  Without a Geoclense installed in the room during our stay, the room would be virtually inhabitable because of the EMF.

How has the Geoclense been tested and who has tested it?

As the Geoclense is an EMF Harmonizer, it cannot be tested with a Gauss meter or a radio frequency meter. All testing of the Geoclense is done with traditional energy measuring tools such as the Biotensor and Lecher Antenna. These are proven, traditional building biology scientific instruments designed to measure the effect of EMF on the human body against a known radiation field.  We have also performed many tests in the past using GDV Kirlian Photography.

Because the Geoclense is all about neutralizing the effect of EMF on the human body, the Geoclense is able to be tested using Kinesiology and Bioresonance which is why we are so popular around the world with practitioners who use Kinesiology and Bioresonance equipment. These modalities always show that the Geoclense does prevent EMF stress in the body, and some practitioners believe that after using a Geoclense for more than a month, the EMF imprinting in the body completely disappears. It is a known fact that most Bioresonance practitioners will start a treatment by checking and clearing EMF and Geopathic stress imprinting in the body, and do observe that there is generally no EMF and Geopathic stress imprinting with their clients who have been using a Geoclense in their home and workplace.

What’s the difference between the Geoclense and other products on the market i.e: Scalar devices and Orgonite?

Scalar electronic harmonizers are placebo only.  Our testing methods carried out by Accredited Health Practitioners worldwide prove that fact.

Orgonite is bipolar in its frequencies and generally looks pretty, however when tested with traditional building biology tools as mentioned above, show no EMF neutralizing effects and if anything, may show harmful effects on the human body.

Can you break a Geoclense?

In theory, no. Because the Geoclense does not contain any electronics, it naturally “feeds” the frequency into the wiring. If the Geoclense resin engineered smart crystal block is broken, the Geoclense will continue to operate without any compromise.

Can a Geoclense cause a house fire?

No, because it doesn’t contain any electronics which may potentially cause a fire risk.

Questions Related To The Space Clearing Dome/ Schumann Generator2017-12-08T10:11:28+00:00

What size area will the Space Clearing Dome cover?

The Dome will have a harmonizing effect up to approximately 40m2 in size and is ideal for smaller areas i.e. units, 1 bedroom apartment, caravans and small office environments.

Where should I place the Space Clearing Dome?

The optimum position to place the Space Clearing Dome is somewhere central within the apartment/unit or office on a hard surface i.e. kitchen bench, desktop or on top of the fridge.

What is the difference between the Space Clearing Dome and the Geoclense?

The Space Clearing Dome is a standalone product which radiates a harmonized field whereas the Geoclense harmonizes by domination of the electrical system with a negative charge, and is, therefore, more suitable for larger buildings.

How long does the Space Clearing Dome last for?

The Dome will not lose its negative charge over time and will last forever.

Why a dome shape and not a pyramid shape?

Orgone Effects Australia are often asked by customers if we produce an Orgone pyramid which is what we did produce up until 2008.  However, our testing proved that pyramid shapes have issues with their orientation and may produce the opposite to what is required to balance the energy in a space.  When we compared the current dome shape to the pyramid shape, the Orgonium™ Space Clearing Dome was superior in its area of effect and did not have any orientation issues like the pyramid exhibited.

We verified the effectiveness of the dome over the pyramid using proven scientific instruments such as Lecher Antenna and Biotensor.  Further Kinesiology testing confirmed this fact.

Can I use the Space Clearing Dome for personal EMR protection?

Yes, some people like to use the Space Clearing Dome for added EMR protection while out and about and carry it in their pockets or handbag.

These Orgone Energy and Schumann Generators are a Solid State Negative Ion Generator, which produces a Negative Ion resonance throughout a building or predetermined space.

The Orgone Energy Generator and Schumann Generator is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, and they work best by being placed on a hard surface, to enable it to perform at its optimal resonance, providing cover over a large area. These high efficacy Orgone Generators and Schumann Generators are ideal for the vegetable garden, the orchard and the farm, as well as homes, shops, offices and workplaces.

Placing your Orgone Energy Generator or Schumann Generator on top of a refrigerator, which is basically a large steel box, is often the best location to amplify the effects of an Orgone Energy Generator or Schumann generator. This way your Orgone Energy Generator or Schumann Generator can harmonize large areas of noxious energies. An Orgone Energy Generator or Schumann Generator will facilitate to keep the food in the fridge fresher, for longer, by providing a cleaner resonance and also harmonizing and neutralizing the harmful energy, EMR and EMF coming from the motor of your refrigerator.

An Orgone Energy Generator or Schumann Generator will not be as effective if one is placed on top of a hard surface that has a cloth or soft material such as carpet in between. Our Orgone Energy Generator or Schumann will also work well on a timber, concrete, floating floor and on ceramic tiles. For outdoor areas, where the Orgone Energy Generator or Schumann Generator can be used for gardening, composting and for other agricultural purposes, where an Orgone Energy Generator or Schumann Generator can be placed on the ground, or like the indoor applications, and Orgone Energy Generator or Schumann Generator may be placed on top of a concrete slab or a wooden bench.

What Is The Difference Between Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) And Radio Frequencies (RF)?2017-11-02T21:41:53+00:00

Radio frequency is one of the classifications of Electro Magnetic Radiation. How Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR) is classified depends upon its frequency or number of cycles per second (hz). Radio frequency is Electro Magnetic Radiation or EMR occurring anywhere from about 3,000 – 300,000,000 cycles per second.

Questions Relating To The Phone Harmoniser2017-12-08T10:20:25+00:00

How long does the Phone Harmoniser last?

As the Harmoniser’s energetic qualities do not decay over time, it will last a lifetime.

Where do I put the Phone Harmoniser on my mobile phone?

Our Mobile Phone Harmoniser is self-adhesive and can be easily stuck directly onto the back of any phone, tablet, laptop etc.

As the Harmoniser will last a lifetime, if you wish to continue using the Harmoniser when you update your phone technology every few years, we suggest you do not stick the Harmoniser to the back of your phone, as the adhesive is very strong and you may not be able to successfully remove it without damaging it. Instead, simply place the whole Harmoniser wafer between your phone and your protective cover and remove when required.

The Harmoniser is also flexible and can be stuck onto compound curves of different devices i.e. a DECT phone.

I hardly use my mobile phone and use earplugs if I do.  Do I still need a phone Harmoniser?

Yes!!! Because there is evidence to suggest that the radiation resonance will travel up to the ear buds. And, most likely, you will have your phone in your pocket or hand while talking on the phone with the earplugs.

As soon as someone touches a mobile phone, they are immediately under electromagnetic stress. Even being near a phone may cause electromagnetic stress on the human body i.e. the phone could be sitting on a desk or a table near you.

Can the Harmoniser be tested with a Radio Frequency (RF) meter?

No. Harmonizers of any type, from any manufacturer, cannot be tested using an RF meter.

All the testing we do is to determine the effect of the electromagnetic stress on the human body with and without the use of a Harmoniser. We go to great lengths to prove our technology using traditional testing instruments such as the Biotensor and Lecher Antenna which determine the effects both with and without a Harmoniser on the human organs and meridian pathways. OEA’s Mobile Phone Radiation Harmoniser is very popular with Kinesiologists, Bioresonance Practitioners and Chiropractors worldwide who also employ similar testing techniques and consistently find that the OEA Phone Harmoniser may be neutralising the resonant stress on human organs and meridian pathways.

Questions Related To Pendants2017-12-08T10:25:10+00:00

Who needs to wear a pendant?

Everyone!  Pendants are designed for people from the age of 4 years and upwards.  We don’t recommend a pendant for infants and toddlers as it may pose a choking hazard.

When do I need to wear the pendant?

If you have a Geoclense plugged into the house, then you don’t need to wear the pendant while at home.  The pendant was created for continued electromagnetic radiation protection while you’re out and about and away from the protection of the Geoclense environment at home or work.  However, if you have specifically chosen a color to support an organ, you may still benefit from wearing it in the house with the Geoclense operating.

Do I need to wear a pendant when I sleep?

No, not if you have a Geoclense operating in the house.

Can I wear my pendant in water?

Yes.  Salt water, fresh water or chlorinated swimming pool water will not damage the pendant.

Do I have to wear the pendant against my skin to be effective?

If you’re wearing a pendant purely for EMF protection and not the secondary benefit of supporting an organ, then it doesn’t matter whether it is on the skin or not.  If the pendant is being worn as EMF protection and to support a compromised organ, then the pendant is best worn against the skin.

Does the pendant need to be around my neck to work?

No.  Many women will place their pendant in their bra or pocket if it clashes with an outfit they are wearing that day or evening.  In other words, the pendant doesn’t have to be worn around your neck to work, as long as it is on the person, it will be effective.

How do I know what color is best for me?

While all the colored pendants will neutralise the effects of EMR in the body, getting the right color match to your organs can have a beneficial and profound effect.  With most people, whatever color they are intuitively drawn to, will suit them best.  However, if you have knowledge of weaknesses in different organs of your body, you may want to choose a pendant color that corresponds with the nearest chakra color to that organ.

For example, people who have a liver disorder and who are sensitive and highly affected by EMF, find the green pendant is very supportive.  Anyone with thyroid/thymus issues prefers the effects of the blue pendant. Those with heart issues, tend to warm to the pink pendant.  People who may have no fixed concern, gravitate to the white pendant and those with spiritual issues reach for the purple pendant.

How long do the Pendants last?

The harmonising ability of the pendant will not decay over time which means they will last forever.

Will the pendant protect me from other peoples’ negative energies?

It may, especially if you’re wearing a pendant of the correct supportive color. For example, a customer who suffered terribly from the effects of other people’s unbalanced energies found that by wearing the green pendant, which supported her liver, she was not affected by these energies from other people.

Will the pendant accumulate any negative energies from other people or from the wearer?


If I’m wearing a personal tracker, will the pendant protect me from its electromagnetic field?

Yes.  Especially if the pendant is worn against the skin.

Which Harmonywear pendant is best suited for males and females?

The Kibbibie shell is very popular with both males and females.

Will the pendant leach any toxins or out-gassing?


If I chip my pendant will it still work?



Do All OEA Products Use Orgone Energy Or Schumann Resonances?2017-12-08T13:22:29+00:00

Yes they do.

They are ALL made using the same technology, therefore Orgone Energy and Schumann Frequencies goes into all of the high efficient Orgonium range of harmonising tools.

What is “Science” Behind The Orgonium Orgone Energy Technology?

These effective Orgonium Energy and Schumann Resonance products are infused with octaves of frequencies which create a powerful “Negative Ion Resonance”. This resonance is the healing component which extends to around 10 to 200 metres from these powerful tools. This frequency octaves technology used by OEA products is far superior to the original resonance created by layering, which is now deemed to be out-of-date and old technology.

Positive ions (unhealthy ions) are the ions we want to avoid they are produced by electrical wiring, electromagnetic radiation, Geopathic stress, cell phones, fluorescent lights, computers, electronic equipment and much other noxious energy. These all put stress on the systems of the body. The Negative Ions of the Orgonium Orgone Products harmonise and neutralise the harmful Positive Ions.

Questions Related To The Water And Food Rejuvenation Plate2017-12-08T13:20:59+00:00

How long does it take for liquids and food to be energetically charged on the plate?

After a minute, whatever you have placed on the plate should be sufficiently energised.

Will the plates withstand high temperatures?

No, it will not. It is safe to put a plate of hot served food or a mug of boiled coffee for example, but not a pot straight off the cook top.

Is it best to place vegetables on the plate before cooking or place the bowl or plate of food on the disk after cooking?

If you have a Geoclense Home Harmoniser plugged in the house, we recommend that you put the vegetables on a plate before cooking. This is because the Geoclense will neutralise gas and electric frequencies during the cooking process which may dominate the vegetables with an undesirable positive charge. If you do not have a Geoclense Home Harmoniser plugged in, we suggest that you cook the food and then place it on the Rejuvenation Plate. This is because, without the Geoclense, the electric and gas cooktops and ovens do have an ability to lower the frequency of food as it is being cooked.

Does a particular colored plate work best for certain things, or do they all offer the same?

We produce a small range of colors to offer choice, however, we’ve experienced interesting changes in parasite behavior in water with the blue rejuvenation plate.

What number or combination of Rejuvenation Plates are recommended for a typical household?

Generally, people like to have at least 5 large plates for food preparation and general use and at least 5 small plates for beverages etc.

How do you test the effectiveness of the Rejuvenation Plates?

Because the plate uses harmonising technology, it is very easily tested with the simple use of a pendulum, or if one has a degree of energy sensitivity, they will be able to feel the energy when holding the plate in their hand. Other tools such the Lecher Antenna and the Biotensor will also demonstrate the effectiveness of the plate.