Wi-Fi in Schools

Did you know concentration levels are negatively affected by charged EMF fields impacting students who are eager to learn?

Did you know charged EMF fields can cause a change in emotional stability further challenging students who may be emotionally sensitive?

Did you know the REAL danger of Wi-Fi to students in schools is the actual device itself that they may be touching and using, such as a tablet, PC or laptop?

If you answered no to any of the above, then this blog is for you.
Concerns about the negative effects of Wi-Fi in schools is a question we often get from customers at this time of the year, with children preparing to return back to school. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding regarding exactly how Wi-Fi can affect children while they’re at school.

Many people believe that they experience EMF stress whenever they enter a building where Wi-Fi is operating. This concern is often based on peoples’ own experience who happen to have a degree of EMF sensitivity, who say that wherever they go in their home they can “feel” the Wi-Fi affecting them. Many people believe that they experience EMF stress whenever they enter a building where Wi-Fi is operating. This concern is often based on peoples’ own experience who

However, they are not aware of other sources of charged fields such as Earth Radiation, the radiation charge from mould, or human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation, which is what they are really feeling, not the Wi-Fi.

Some people reach for a Radio Frequency (RF) meter to try and validate their concerns, and then believe that the RF reading in the building where the Wi-Fi is operating, is indicating that there is a “charge” in the air which will cause EMF stress.

However, an RF meter ONLY reads Radio Frequency “waves”, which is harmless to the human body. An RF meter does not and cannot read the noxious “positive charge”, which is in fact the harmful component of any radiation field!

A Wi-Fi modem does have a harmful “positive charge” field that extends to approximately 2 meters around the modem itself, and which will cause considerable EMF stress in a person if they are within that 2-meter field. Beyond that, the RF “wave” has no charge, and therefore does not cause any EMF stress.

Wi-Fi routers in schools are generally mounted high above on a wall, and therefore the 2-meter harmful positive charge radius is out of harm’s way.

There is another danger caused from Wi-Fi, as it creates a charged “beam” of energy about the diameter of a soft ball, which travels directly to all devices which are communicating with that router. This is similar to what a mobile phone does.
So, if you were to place yourself directly between a laptop being used wirelessly and the position of the router, then you would be under mild EMF stress from the positive charged beam. If you’re not physically in that position between the laptop and the router, and more than 2 meters from a Router or 1 meter from any wireless devices, then you would not be under any EMF stress from the Wi-Fi.

However, the ​REAL​ danger of Wi-Fi to students in schools is the actual device itself that they may be touching and using, such as a tablet, PC or laptop. These devices, when in Wi-Fi mode, have a harmful positive charged field which may extend up to 1 meter around the device engulfing the student, and this will cause considerable EMF stress in their body.

People don’t realise or understand that with ANY electronic device, as soon as you touch this device, regardless of whether it is being used in Wi-Fi mode, the body will immediately be under EMF stress.

Another problem that occurs in schools is that students tend to work in groups together where the charged fields from all their devices overlap and merge.
Charged EMF fields cause EMF stress on our vital organs by disrupting our meridian energy flow, which in turn, energetically interferes with our organ energy levels. It is generally the weaker meridians and organs in a person’s body which will encounter EMF stress, as not all meridians may be negatively affected.

Our emotional wellbeing can also be affected by charged EMF fields since if our endocrine organs are being affected, then it follows that our hormones and neurotransmitters will also go out of balance. This can cause a change in emotional stability, especially for students who may be emotionally sensitive or challenged. Concentration levels are also negatively affected by charged EMF fields which is certainly not helpful to students who are eager to learn.

So, how can we protect our children from these negative effects of Wi-Fi in our schools?

We have several options for Wi-Fi protection, and from all other harmful sources of radiation that may be present in schools that are also negatively affecting students daily, such as from Earth Radiation which causes Geopathic Stress in the body, and various forms of human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation (i.e. emotional and illness imprints).

Personal protection pendants such as the​ Orgone Ionic Personal Protection Pendants​, Ener-Bands​ or The School & Work Uniform Cloth Harmonizer Patch​ ​help to compensate for meridian disruption caused by charged EMF fields. Or, for the school bag, the totally portable ​Stellar Dome​ is perfect for hidden EMF protection which has an EMF harmonizing effect that may extend to the boundaries of a school property, covering all buildings, playgrounds and oval areas where children play.

Where there are restrictions on students wearing any type of fashion jewellery at school, the Ener-Band can be concealed by wearing it around the ankle covered by a sock or use the Cloth harmonizer, which is an iron long lasting patch.

We have many clients who are school teachers who use the ​Geoclense​ in the classroom which has a harmonizing effect across the entire school. It is not just the students who are affected by EMF, the teachers and principal are negatively affected too!
By engaging harmonizers like the Geoclense or Stellar Dome to neutralize charged EMF fields, concentration levels can also be improved. In 2009, a clinical study into the effect of our Space Clearing Dome, now upgraded to the Stellar Dome, was used to determine and test if there would be an increase in concentration levels when applied. This study was produced by Dr. Bella Zaicev from Balance Therapy Clinic Sydney, Australia.

By Gerard Bini
Intuitive Building Biologist Founder and Managing Director Orgone Effects Australia Pty. Ltd.


Mobile Phone Protection Devices – Are they all safe?

How do you test the effectiveness of Mobile Phone Protection Devices?

How do they actually work?

Today on the blog we will answer these questions, as well as give you some ideas of the products on the market, and what the differences in them are.

As we all know, mobile phones pose an EMF hazard to everyone who uses them, which is probably around 90% of the population. There are a multitude of EMF blockers or harmonizers currently on the market all claiming that they make using a mobile phone safer to use.

There are harmonizers like shielding cases which are designed to block the RF wave, and air tube type earphones to stop the EMF causing the thermal effect in the brain or similar harmonizers to our Mobile Phone & Wi-Fi Radiation Harmonizer.

Mobile phone radiation protection is all about us and how we are affected by mobile phone use. So, it stands to reason that the best way to test a mobile phone is to use a modality that shows the body’s reaction.

Orgone Effects Australia has carried out our own testing of these various devices on the market using the human body as the testbed, to determine if the device does do what it claims: stop EMF stress in the body and not just the EMF thermal effect on the brain.

It is a known fact that you just have to “touch” your mobile phone for the body’s meridian system and organs to be placed under EMF stress. With this kept in mind, if a harmonizer actually works and does what it claims to do, then the human body’s meridians and organs should no longer be under any EMF stress while holding the device.

Thus, harmonizer testing is normally and best performed using Kinesiology by a fully trained and qualified Kinesiologist practitioner, or with traditional EMF testing tools such as Bioresonance machines. A Mora or Bicom machine will register the body’s meridian and organ energy strengths or weaknesses, showing how a mobile phone is having an effect on the human body when touching it; either good or bad.

Another tool, which is a favourite of mine, is the Biotensor developed by German Scientist, Joseph Oberbach. The Biotensor is used to detect harmful radiation from a mobile phone and the EMF stress put on the human body’s meridian system and organs.

Other methods of testing are using a Radio Frequency meter which measures the RF “wave” coming from a mobile phone. However, using an RF meter does NOT give any clear indications as to how the body is reacting to the mobile phone radiations “+ charge” while in use, which is the harmful component of radiation. The wave is actually harmless, and the RF meter cannot measure the + charge, rendering it a misleading and useless EMF measuring device.


EMF blocking pouches or cases are designed to block or shield the RF wave. They are normally tested with an RF meter, and should the RF meter reading drop below certain levels, the shield is deemed to make the mobile phone “safe to use”.

The very first mobile phone shield we tested was a pouch. When the mobile phone was in the pouch we tested its effectiveness against the body, however, not in call.

Kinesiology and Biotensor testing did show that the mobile phone was safe. However, as soon as the phone was in use, i.e. someone touching it, the pouch failed the human testing and immediately caused EMF stress in the body. The other problem we found in our testing was that you couldn’t talk on the mobile phone while it is in the pouch, so it had to be taken out of the pouch so you could talk on the phone, thus offering zero mobile phone EMF protection. That testing was done 10 years ago now, and since then, mobile phone EMF shielding cases have taken the place of the pouch.


The shielding case did not pass any of the human tests we performed because the case had to be partially open to be able to talk on the phone, thus allowing immediate EMF stress to the body. It is interesting that the manufacturers/agents for the shielding cases all claimed some percentage of RF reduction/ability to make safe the mobile phone, however, this was all based-on RF meter readings and no human testing at all.


Another product we have tested are the air tube style headphones used to protect the brain from the RF while in use. Again, the manufacturer’s preferred testing method was to use an RF meter, and not use any human methods. However, what is totally overlooked is that most people when they are in call are holding their mobile phone, which immediately sends the body into EMF stress. The air tube itself, as a resonant cavity, actually sends the harmful +charge to the head.

EMF harmonizers

Products like Mobile Phone & Wi-Fi Radiation Harmonizers, are designed to neutralize or harmonize the +charge with ​a balancing -charge​ so that the body does not encounter any EMF stress, and the thermal effect from the mobile phone is not having a harmful effect on the brain, as the first point of call.

However, not all mobile phone radiation harmonizers are the same. We have established that mobile phone radiation harmonizers cannot be tested with an RF meter as they only measure RF waves and not the harmful + charge which is radiation.

You might come across discussions (generally from shielding case distributors) that are not favourable on mobile phone radiation harmonizers because they don’t reduce the RF meter readings. Whilst for the next example we can discuss the findings of our own Mobile Phone & Wi-Fi Radiation Harmonizer- that when tested using the appropriate human method, consistently passes with flying colours because the harmful +charge

emitted from the mobile phone has importantly been “neutralized” or “harmonized” with a balancing –charge, making it safe to use as no meridians or organs encounter any EMF stress.

Many Kinesiologists and Bioresonance practitioners around the world who have the correct protocols for EMF testing on a human agreed that the Orgone Effects Mobile Phone & Wi-Fi Radiation Harmonizer does perform to its claims, neutralizing the +charge, thus preventing the body from going into EMF stress while in call on a mobile phone.

A Victorian based Kinesiologist, Peter Ferguson, of ​Quantum Kinesiology​ provided us with the below feedback voluntarily- and we wanted to share this objective feedback from him.

“A number of years ago I became concerned about getting ​a “hot-ear” from my mobile phone​. After reading and researching the growing scientific evidence that radiation from mobile phones can cause brain tumors, my concern was confirmed when one of my clients at the time, a senior Neurosurgeon at an Australian hospital, told me that he had been extensively researching the effects of radiation from mobile phones over a long period and had found a causative link to brain tumors and cancer. This Neurosurgeon had written and published articles on the subject.

I then researched and bought various products which didn’t seem to make any difference. I eventually came across the Orgone Effects Mobile Phone Harmoniser​. No more hot-ear! It worked brilliantly.

I saw the founder of Orgone Effects, Gerard Bini, speak at a seminar sometime after that about Geomancy, an ancient art, and the modern EMF-type problems. I then tried other products Gerard had developed and had them independently tested and confirmed as to their effectiveness.

If anyone is interested in doing their own research, the “​International Agency for Research on Cancer​” (an arm of the World Health Organization) website, is a great place to start for the scientific evidence of electromagnetic fields being now classified as possibly carcinogenic to humans. Another great website for scientific proof is​ which provides some explosive scientific information and an appeal to the United Nations from scientists from over 40 countries to investigate this growing problem.”

P. Ferguson, Kinesiologist​, ​Yarra Junction, Victoria

We hope that this has offered you a little more intel on what to look for when deciding on which appliance is best for you. If you are interested in purchasing ours, please click here​.

By Gerard Bini
Founder and Managing Director Intuitive Building Biologist Orgone Effects Australia Pty. Ltd.