Protect yourself and your family from noxious EMR fields

Mobile Phone, WiFi & Individual Device

The ONLY Mobile Phone Radiation harmonising tool that offers total energy protection. It is unique in this function because it harmonises all sources of EMF including Earth Radiation – Geopathic stress and Human Generated – Bioplasmic Radiation

The Orgone Effects Australia product range neutralises and harmonises harmful energy from the following

  • All harmful Positive Ions
  • Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and the Electromagnetic field (EMF) from power
  • or electricity lines
  • Increases the Oxygen in the air in your home, office, school and workplace
  • Mould, fungus, mildew and rising damp
  • Radiation from laptops, notebooks, desktop computers and electronic devices
  • Underground Water Veins, Sewer lines, underground Black Water, Grey Water and plumbing pipes
  • Harmful dirty electricity; from the Electricity Grid and Solar Electricity Systems
  • Emotional Distress Imprints from previous occupants of buildings and vehicles
  • Neutralises EMF conductivity from metal frames, beds and mattresses
  • Highly noxious Smart Meters and Baby Monitors
  • Radiation from all Mobile Phones, Cordless Phones, iPhones, BlackBerries and iPads
  • Highly harmful radiation from your Digital Television or from your neighbour
  • Neutralises harmful frequencies from Mobile Phone and Cell Phone Towers
  • Death Imprints, Ectoplasm Imprints, Spirit Lines and Entity Attachments
  • Fault Lines, Benker Grid Lines, Hartmann Lines, 400 Meter Grid Crossings and
  • Geopathic Stress
  • Microwave beams and Personal Beam imprints
  • Imprinting Counter-Conscious & Negative Thought Form Fields
  • HAARP, Contrails and Chemtrails
  • Illness/Sickness Imprinting on any property
  • Wireless (WiFi) Internet modem emissions and Bluetooth
  • Lilly Wave Frequencies used through TV for Mind Control and Tetra technology
  • Artificial heat and cooling from unnatural heating and reverse cycle air-conditioning
  • Fluorescent Lighting
  • Overhead Power Lines, Electricity Transformers and Substations